Sarah Simpson

Designer & Maker


I'm a chef, mother and metalsmith. I have travelled the world and still love the small passionate community and outdoor lifestyle of my hometown Alexandra. (North East Victoria in Australia)

Whilst embarking on a DIY, floor to ceiling renovation of my bathroom, I realised there is no skill I could not master given training & time. 2 weeks later I had begun studying to be a goldsmith. Over the following years I set up a studio, studied, practiced and practiced some more, defining my style and skills along the way.

My attraction to jewellery is much deeper than the simple beauty of metal and gemstones, or the individuality of each pearl. Each piece of jewellery has a strong history and a story to tell. With most items being given as gifts it's a wonderful honor to create pieces that will become heirlooms. It is my hope that the jewellery I create will be cherished and passed down through generations to inspire memories.

I love what I create and I hope you do too. My jewellery is classic, feminine and sophisticated and designed to be robust enough to withstand everyday wear.  I have a special love for creating children's jewellery, to be able to design a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime is a joy.

Because of the effects of mining on our planet I make every attempt to use recycled metals. All of the gold I use is recycled, as well as the majority of my silver. I use only fair trade - conflict free diamonds and natural gemstones from certified traders.

I'm looking forward to creating a special piece for you or your loved one.

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Sarah Simpson Jewellery

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